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New article out

My article – “Harold Pinter’s Old Times and the play of indistinction: the confluence of memory, imagination and the real” – has just been published open access by Orbis Litterarum.

You can find it here:


From the abstract:

While the notions of memory and the real in Pinter’s works have been extensively explored, the concept of imagination has not. In this article I argue that the concept of imagination as it has been interpreted since the mid-1900s—which exactly tries to grasp or even dissolve these fluid frontiers—offers a way of rethinking both Pinter’s discussion of dramatic truth, the notion of ‘the real’ as it appears to his characters, and how memory is presented in his plays. An attentiveness to the concept of imagination as an analytical approach, will also allow us new ways for understanding how the text implies a potential engagement with his audience.